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The world’s largest spinning wheel made of plastic waste in Noida

Noida charkha BY SMRITI IRANI
noida charkha by bjp

Noida Authority has prepared a spinning wheel made of plastic vests in Sector 94. On Tuesday, Union Minister Smriti Irani inaugurated this spinning wheel.
It was to be inaugurated on 30th September itself, but the program was canceled due to the absence of Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana. It has now been inaugurated on 1 October.

 charkha at noida
charkha noida

Gautam Budh Nagar MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma and MLA Pankaj Singh were also present in this program.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on the whole country to get rid of single-use plastic from October 2. Modi said that the country will celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, then the whole country pledges to give up single-use plastic.

In keeping with this resolve of PM Modi, a charkha (CHARKHA) using plastic vest has been made in Noida (NOIDA), which was released by Union Minister Smriti Irani and described it as a true tribute to Gandhiji.

Plastic spinning wheel

Noida Authority has made this charkha by melting 1250 kg of waste plastic. In this 1650 kg spinning wheel, the remaining wood and other things are installed. After the launch of Charkha, Smriti Irani said that this charkha represents Gandhiji’s dream of Swadeshi.
It is made using plastic waste. This spinning wheel made of plastic waste is claimed to be the largest spinning wheel ever.

According to the Noida Authority, about 1250 kg of plastic waste has been used to make this charkha. Charkha has been installed in Sector 94. The size of the spinning wheel is 14 feet by 20 feet by 8 feet.
Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that it is also an effort to create awareness among people to dispose of plastic properly.

Vans on single-use plastic all over the country!

Union Minister Smriti Irani, who launched this program, reiterated the Prime Minister’s call and said that we have to free the country from plastic. This is very important for the environment.

At the same time, he also raised questions on the opposition that why had to wait for 70 years to make the country clean, to honor women. Now the Prime Minister has called for liberation from single-use plastic. They also have to fulfill us.

Let us know that the country will celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi from Wednesday and tell you
The government and the BJP will also celebrate them on a large scale, under which all the MPs will march in their respective Lok Sabha constituencies.
And will carry the message of Gandhiji from door to door.

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