UP: Helicopter Baba’s land mafia ashram in Mirzapur

ashram of helicpter baba
मिर्जापुर में हेलीकॉप्टर बाबा के आश्रम पर चला बुलडोजर

Following the High Court’s order, the administration of a helicopter which occupied the forest land, Baba’s ashram, went on a bulldozer on Thursday. The administration removed the possession of about 2586 bigha forest land at Mazra Sikatahi in Kotwa village.

हाईकोर्ट के आदेश के बाद, एक हेलिकॉप्टर का प्रशासन, जिसने वन भूमि पर कब्जा कर लिया था,

ashram of helicpter baba
मिर्जापुर में हेलीकॉप्टर बाबा के आश्रम पर चला बुलडोजर

During this, followers of Bal Yogeshwar, popularly known as Helicopter Baba, opposed it. Due to heavy opposition, only Boundariwal could be broken on the first day. Bal Yogeshwar’s real name is Premji Rawat.

CO Operation Ramakant Singh, led by SDM Vimal Kumar Dubey, arrived at helicopter Baba with police and PACs of four police stations at 9 am on Thursday. On Thursday, when the team from the forest land to the ashram
When the removal of the possession arrived, the followers of helicopter Baba protested.

It took seven hours to demolish the boundary wall

It is being told that due to the opposition of the followers, it took the administration seven hours to drop the boundary ball only 500 meters. The rooms and bathrooms built for ashrams and devotees are yet to be broken. As the evening was over, the team which had arrived to withdraw the occupation had to return. Inspector Rajeev Singh, in-charge, Marihan was present on the spot along with the revenue inspector on the spot.

Helicopter Baba comes once or twice a year

For almost four decades, after making illegal ashrams on forest land in Sikatahi, helicopters come here once or twice a year along with Baba followers. It is being told that Prem Ji Rawat, the native of Uttarakhand, Bal Yogeshwar is popularly known as Helicopter Baba among the locals. According to administrative officials, Baba also has followers abroad.

The ashram used to come only by helicopter

Premji Rawat aka helicopter Baba Sikatahi often used to come by helicopter to the ashram. When his helicopter landed in the ashram, the administrative officers of the district at that time did not even dare to reach Baba’s ashram. Baba’s security personnel kept full vigor at the entrance of the ashram. No one was allowed inside. About five years ago, Baba’s helicopter landed at the ashram, the then DM sent police personnel on the spot, but they could not enter.

Two crores were fined to Helicopter baba

It is worth mentioning that the then Tehsildar Ramjit Maurya had fined two crores fourteen lakh rupees on the report of the regional accountant on the complaint of the villagers to remove the illegal occupation of helicopter Baba. Despite this, the occupation was not being removed. The villagers approached the court on this. Following the court order, the administration started the action to remove illegal possession of forest land.

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