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American Independence Day, mistake by Trump

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American Independence Day, mistake by Trump on Teleprompter off


On the occasion of Independence Day of America, during the trump speech, many things were wrong.

However, it has been
very rare, when he has spoken wrongly while reading the speech. While highlighting American history his four July
speech, Trump has talked about the war and centuries in which many things got mixed up.

Teleprompter off on American Independence Day, mistake by Trump

He said that he ruled from the war of
independence till modern times and about war While speaking, he said that George Washington’s army occupied airports in
the war of 1812, while the airplanes did not even exist until then. On Friday, he said,

“When he was reading the speech, then
the teleprompter was closed in the middle.” He told me that I knew the speech well.

I could read it fully without a teleprompter,
but the White House did not release the text of the speech prepared for him. Because of this, he did not know what he had to

Because of this, the speech spoken on the occasion of American Independence Day has failed in a way.

“On this occasion,
during the light rain, there were thousands of people present in the Lincoln Memorial.

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