Temple vault will open in Kashi on Dhanteras, treasury will be distributed for 4 days

Dhanteras of Kashi

Varanasi. The vault will open from Dhanteras (Dhanteras) in Shiva’s city of Kashi and the treasure will be distributed for the next four days. You may be surprised to hear about the distribution of treasure on Diwali, but this ancient tradition in Kashi is still alive.

Dhanteras of Kashi

Millions of devotees have reached Kashi not only from the country but abroad. Let us curb your curiosity about the vault and treasure. Actually, Kashi archivist Vishveshwar Mahadev had asked for alms from mother Annapurna to feed the world including Kashi. That is why the court of Maa Annapurna is located in the enclosure of Shri Krishna Vishwanath temple in Varanasi.

Special visit from Dhanteras to Annakoot
In this way, devotees come here all year and pray to the mother to keep food and money filled. Throughout the year, devotees visit the silver statue only. But there is also a gold statue of the mother in this temple.

The philosophy of which is only 4 days a year. These darshans range from Dhanteras to Annakoot. Not only this, during this year, the treasury deposited in the court of the mother is also distributed among the devotees in these 4 days.

This treasure is in the form of coins and lava. Like every year, this time also the doors will be opened to see the golden statue on Dhanteras.
The only Annapurna Ma temple in the country, where the treasure is distributed

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It is the only Annapurna temple in the country, where the treasure of the mother is distributed from Dhanteras to the day of Annakoot. The coins and paddy lava found from here are kept on the safe and place of worship.

It is believed that by doing this, there is no shortage of food grains throughout the year. According to Devi Purana, the color of mother Annapurna is similar to that of Javapush. Embellished with divine ornaments among the flowers of Bhagwati Bandhuka and sits on the golden throne in a happy posture.
His left hand is full of grain, full of gemstones, and in his right hand is a ladle made of gems. Which signifies that Mother is always engrossed in Annan.

Here Lord Shiva asks for begging from mother Annapurna
There is a golden statue of mother Annapurna present here as well as a statue of Shiva. Here Lord Shiva is seen asking for alms from mother Annapurna.

In recognition of this, Rameshwar Puri, the Mahant of Annapurna Temple, says that after marrying Lord Shankar, mother Parvati expressed her desire to live in Kashipuri. Mahadev came to Kashi, a free zone. At that time, Kashi was a great city.

Mother Parvati did not like it. Then after the conversation between Shiva and Parvati, it was decided that in the Satyuga, Tretayuga, and Dwapar Yuga, Kashi crematorium would remain, but in Kalikala it would be settled as Annapurna’s Puri. For this reason, the temple of Annapurna was the presiding deity of Kashi.

In the Puranas, the name Kashipith is also mentioned in the future names of Kashi. It is written in Skandpuran’s Kashikhand that Lord Vishveshwar Mahadev is a householder and Bhavani runs his family. Kashi is his family. These are the weight of the yoga-class of Kashivasis.

According to the Kashi-secret of Brahmavaivartpuran, Bhavani is the Annapurna. Annapurna Mata is performed eight times on normal days. On the eighth day of the bright fortnight of every month, fasting for Annapurna Devi is a law to worship her. They are also considered to be food grains.

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