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PM Modi speaks to leaders on citizenship law in NDA meeting

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Special things
1. Staged against CAA in a private school in the state
2. The play was staged by students in classes 4, 5 and 6
3. Police registered a case of treason against the school

Bengaluru: A student’s mother and a head teacher have been arrested in a sedition case for staging a drama against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at a private school in Karnataka. The play was staged by students of classes 4, 5 and 6 in the school run by the Shaheen Group of Institutions on 21 February. During this, five days later, police had filed a sedition case against the school for allegedly making comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi). Let me tell you, when a video clip of the drama became viral on social media, the attention of the police went to this. The police claimed that they had received a complaint against the drama and on Monday, they have filed a case.
After this, the police officers immediately reached the school and talked to the teachers and students participating in the drama. The student’s mother Najabunisa Minsa, who allegedly made remarks against PM Modi and head teacher Farida Begum, was arrested on Thursday. Senior police officer T Sridhar gave this information while talking to NDTV. The head teacher has been detained because the play was staged with his knowledge and approval.

PM Modi speaks to leaders on citizenship law in NDA meeting- Don’t defend yourself but …

Nilesh Rakshla, who filed a case against the school, said that the school has committed a serious crime. Speaking to the media, he said, ‘The school management used innocent children to stage plays against NRC and CAA. This drama staged by the school has insulted the Prime Minister and helped spread anti-national sentiments among the public.


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