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Pakistan petrol will cost Rs 5.15 a liter and D 5.65 per liter.

pakistan petrol

Pakistan petrol will cost Rs 5.15 a liter and D 5.65 per liter.


Imran’s green flag for inflation, petrol in Pakistan and diesel 135 rupees per liter Islamabad Pak

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the increase in prices of petroleum products.

As a result, in Pakistan, petrol will cost Rs 5.15 a liter and diesel by Rs 5.65 per liter to Rs 117.83 per liter and Rs 135.72 per liter respectively. Khan has approved the recommendation of the Oil and Gas Development Authority (OGRA) and on August 1 (Thursday), an increase of Rs 5.15 and Rs 5.65 per liter respectively has been implemented.

On the recommendation of the authority, if the government decides to amend the prices of petroleum products which is generally applicable from the first date of each month.

After the approval of the Imran government, the price of petrol would be Rs 117.83 per liter from Thursday, Rs 5.65 per liter increase in diesel prices, Rs 135.72 per liter, kerosene Rs 5.38 and light diesel 8.90 rupees to Rs 103.84 and Rs 94.27 per liter respectively.

Crude oil price in the Arabia Bay on April 28 was 72 dollars per barrel, which dropped 12 percent to 63 dollars a barrel, but Pakistan, struggling financially, has to increase taxes to raise resources.


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