Living in the relationship, Serial Killer killed Couple.

serial killer

Living in the relationship, Serial Killer killed Couple.

Uttar Pradesh | In the Mirzapur Kotwali area, the men and women living in the live relationship in Narghat Basti were killed on Wednesday night.


The bodies of both of them could be found a few minutes away from the bed in the room. The serial killer carried out the cloth in their mouths and carried out the war.

Apart from blaring heavy objects on their heads, there are also signs of throat scratches. According to the police, the head of the woman and the head of the young man were killed in the fight against the wall.

After executing the war, the killers escaped from the door of the room and fled. On Thursday, after the information of the neighbors, other officials including SP Avdesh Kumar Pandey reached the spot. The police have started investigating the angle of hope, loot and property disputes.

Sangeeta, 40, left her husband in Narghat Basti, along with 38 old Sunil Modnaval, a resident of Imambara in Pushtaini house, was living in the Relationship since 2011.


To run

serial killer
Living in a living relationship, The serial killed Couple carried out the cloth in their mouth.

the house, both used to run a grocery store.

Apart from this, Sangeeta Chunari and Sunil used to make cupboards. On Wednesday night the miscreants killed him in their rooms only.

By 11 o’clock on Thursday morning the neighbors were not worried about opening the door. When no answer was received on the door knocking, people informed the city Kotwali police.

The police, who reached the spot, tried to open the door, but the difficulty was to get rid of the scum of scum in the latch. On this, the police opened the door in some way by entering the child inside.

A few minutes away from the bed in the room were bloody Sangeeta and Sunil’s dead bodies. The locker of the closet was open while the goods were scattered on the ground.

SP Avdesh Kumar Pandey said that the first thing to say is that the men and women living in the live relationship have been strangled to death. The murderers fought both sides of the ground and wall. The exact reasons for the double murder could not be ascertained.

The police are investigating the angle of apprehension, loot and property disputes. On the spot, ASP Nagar Prakash Swaroop Pandey, CO City Sanjay Singh, City Kotwal were present along with Rajkumar Singh Force.

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