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Karnataka Floor Test: Political drama till midnight, hearing in Supreme Court

supremecourt drama

Karnataka Floor Test: Political drama till midnight, hearing in Supreme Court

Bengaluru, Agency. Karnataka Floor Test The Legislative Assembly of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has not been possible.

Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh adjourned the proceeding without voting after midnight on Monday. Now on Tuesday, that means, again on Tuesday, there will be a debate on trust vote. It is expected that voting can be done on power testing by the evening. The Vice-Chancellor called the rebel legislators to meet at 11 o’clock in the office today.

In the Supreme Court, there is a hearing in this case today. Meanwhile, a petition has been filed in the Karnataka High Court demanding immediate voting on the trust vote.

Look at the Supreme Court The Supreme Court has decided to consider the demand for immediate voting in Karnataka Assembly today. The top court had on Monday refused to hear an immediate hearing on such a petition. K. PJP’s R Shankar and Independent MLA H Nagesh have filed a petition in the Supreme Court and accused Kumaraswamy government of defying the majority of the tests.

On Monday, the petitioners said that Chief Minister Kumar Swamy’s government has lost majority in the House and he is constantly trying to avoid voting on the trust vote, so order the Supreme Court to vote on the trust only on Monday in Karnataka. Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that it is not possible to hear the case on Monday.

Do not read the newspaper or watch TV, will be happy On Monday, lawyer Lily Thomas told the court that when the news of the newspaper appeared before the court and the Karnataka farmers’ purchase-purchase case and asked to intervene in the matter, then Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said in a light-hearted manner that Madam Neither read newspaper nor watch TV will be happy. After this, the Chief Justice said becoming serious, you are an advocate and whatever you have to say please apply.

Speaker gave the dead line up to 6 p.m. After the political drama overnight in the Karnataka assembly, Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar has given a deadline for power testing. The speaker has given Kumaraswamy government the time to prove the majority by Tuesday evening. On the BJP’s allegation that the Speaker is deliberately going to vote on the floor test. Ramesh Kumar has said that God blesses those who accuse him. Senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that some members have to keep their point, but we will complete the debate till 4 PM.

Voting will also be done on the confidence vote before 6 p.m. MLAs leader can issue whip The Speaker of the Assembly gave the order that the leader of the legislative party has the right to issue Whip. If any complaint comes to them then they will decide by following the rules.

In the meantime, Congress insisted that voting will not be made until the decision of resignation of the rebel legislators is made. Congress leader and senior minister Krishna Baray Gowda said yesterday, “I urge the people to decide on the resignation of MLA before Asana. Without it, the justification of faith vote will not remain. Is resignation voluntary and justified? Are not they against democracy? ‘


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