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If tubewell bill is outstanding, now pay in installments

Bijli bill

If tubewell bill is outstanding, now pay in installments: Pt. Shrikant Sharma


Kisan Easy Installment Scheme Bijli billwill be implemented in Uttar Pradesh from February 1
Farmers will be able to deposit outstanding bills in 6 installments
Interest will be waived till 31 January 2020

Lucknow / 31 January 2020

On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji, the Department of Energy has launched the Kisan Easy Installment Scheme to pay the outstanding bills of tubewells with easy waiver in easy installments for the convenience of farmers. While giving information about the Kisan Easy Installment Scheme, the Minister of Energy and Additional Energy Sources said that the interest of farmers availing the scheme will be waived till January 31, 2020. They have to pay the bill in 6 easy installments.

Under the scheme, between 1 February to 29 February, tubewell consumers will also have to submit the current bill with a minimum of five per cent of the arrears or a minimum of Rs 1500 to the nearest CSC, Subdivision Officer or Executive Engineer office. After this, they will get the option to pay the rest in 6 installments. They have to submit the bill for that month along with the installment every month. The interest of the farmer will be waived on timely payment of all the dues.

Told that consumers who have been given notice under Section 5 for recovery can also take advantage of the scheme. At the same time, the litigants with the cases pending in the courts will also be able to benefit under the scheme. He will have to submit an affidavit that he will pay all the bills after the final determination. Bill amendment will also be provided under the scheme.

Told that the benefit of this scheme will be given to those consumers who will pay their electricity bills on time on a regular basis.

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