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Howdy Modi : पीएम मोदी ‘अबकी बार ट्रंप सरकार’,

Thousands of crowd howdy
अमेरिका के ह्यूस्टन, टेक्सास में आयोजित 'हाउडी मोदी' कार्यक्रम में हजारों की भीड़ ने शिरकत की।

Howdy Modi: Thousands of crowd attended the ‘Howdy Modi’ event held in Houston, Texas, USA. Hearing PM Modi’s speech, it seemed as if he had come to address an election rally.

New Delhi: Thousands of people took part in the ‘Howdy Modi’ program held in Houston, Texas, USA.
After listening to the speech of PM Modi, it seemed as if he had come to address an election rally. At the same time, looking at the President of America, Donald Trump, it seemed
That he is in the mood for the next year’s elections and is trying to woo thousands of Indian-Americans who have come there. Let me tell you that there are now so many people of the Indian community in America

That their votes can affect the election results. But during this program, a statement by PM Modi can become difficult for the President of America, Donald Trump and the statement of the Prime Minister of India can become an issue.

During the Lok Sabha elections (2014) held in India before the last US election (2016), the slogan of ‘this time Modi government’ was very popular and Narendra Modi also became the Prime Minister of the country. In order to woo Indian-Americans along the same lines, Donald Trump also released a video during the presidential election and said, ‘Abki Baar Trump Sarkar’ and this election slogan captivated the Indian community.

On this matter, on Sunday, when PM Modi was addressing the Indian community in Houston, he again reminded this slogan, ‘this time Trump government’. PM Modi reminded the people of Indian origin present in the stadium that Trump had said, ‘this time Trump government’. He said that celebrating Diwali at the White House during Trump’s reign was also unique.

Just before the election, such a statement of the leader of an external country which has been used in the elections can become an issue of meddling in the elections in America. Congress leader Anand Sharma has also objected to his statement that such statements interfere in the sovereignty and democracy of both countries. He said that you (PM Modi) are as our Prime Minister and not as the star campaigner of Trump.

Our relationship with the United States of America has been bipartisan, vis-à-vis Republicans and Democrats. Your actively cause for Trump could be a breach of each Bharat and America as sovereign nations and democracies.
– Anand Sharma (@AnandSharmaINC) September 22, 2019

Significantly, the election of the President of America in the year 2016 has not been untouched by controversies. Russia’s interference in this election has been directly accused. However, the White House administration has done this several times and President Donald Trump also called it nonsense.

Trump said, “She (Hillary Clinton) lost attributable to her previous ways in which

. She was a hopeful candidate. The case ends here.” Trump quoted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as saying, “Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein told a press conference, ‘No accusations have been made in the blame.

That a US citizen was deliberately involved in this illegal activity. There is no allegation that this impacted the election results. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin also said in an interview that if a Russian citizen interfered in the US presidential election, he has nothing to do with it. He emphasized that such efforts cannot be seen by linking them to the Kremlin.

Russia, Russia, Russia! That’s all you detected at the start of this Witch Hunt Hoax … And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected. It was a crime that did not exist. So currently the Dems and their partner, the pretend the fourth estate, …..

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