HOWDY MODI: Namo Namo in Houston, read 10 special things of PM’s speech

narendra modi
आप और हम संकल्प और सिद्धि से न्यू इंडिया बनाएंगे

Houston, Howdy Modi of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (NARENDRA MODI) addressed the Indian people at the NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday. PM Modi in his address discussed many topics like terrorism, Jammu and Kashmir and economic development. Modi fiercely targeted Pakistan’s role in terrorism. It also stressed the need for a decisive fight against terrorism. After the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi also mentioned the work being done by the government for the restoration of peace in his speech.

1- The decisive battle on terrorism

Narendra modi
नरेंद्र मोदी ने अमेरिका और इजराइल की खूब जमकर तारीफ की.

PM Modi said that the fight against terrorism now needs to be decisive. Modi, who attacked Pakistan, strongly criticized the countries that created terror. He said that countries that make terrorism a part of their foreign policy have been exposed before the world today.
Modi said that India is now moving towards a decisive battle over the problem of terrorism and will soon overcome this challenge. PM Modi strongly praised the US and Israel for supporting India in the fight against terrorism.

2- Compliment of President Donald Trump

Modi praised President Donald Trump. PM Modi, sharing the stage with President Trump, said, ‘In India, we are very well connected with President Trump. This time Trump government in America. PM Modi said, ‘Trump is not an acquaintance. Billions of people follow Trump’s words. Trump has great stature in world politics. Modi said, ‘We have met some time ago. Whenever he met, he met with the same warmth, friendly manner, and ease. I admire his leadership ability and passion for America.

3- 5 trillion economy

PM Narendra Modi said that the journey of New India for the 5 trillion economy and the economic growth of America under the leadership of President Trump will give wings. In the Howdy Modi program, PM Modi talked about the efforts being made by the government for the rapid economic development of India. PM Narendra Modi said that despite all the uncertainties, India’s average growth rate has been 7.3 percent.

narendra modi
पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी ने कहा तमाम अनिश्चितताओं के बाद भी भारत की ऐवरेज ग्रोथ रेट 7.3 प्रतिशत रही है.

4- Corruption India
PM Narendra Modi said that we have identified and eliminated about 3.5 lakh fake companies in the country. The economy has been brought back on track by freeing the country from corruption. The government has given free gas connections to the large population of the country under the Ujjwala scheme. By easing the tax system, the government has tried to remove the hardship of the people.

5- 61 crore people voted in 17th Lok Sabha election
Modi said in his address that India is a huge democratic country in the world. About 61 crore people participated in the 17th Lok Sabha elections of the country. He told that in this election, 18 crore youth voted for the first time. Also, this time more women came by choosing. Today India’s biggest slogan is Siddhi with Sankalp and Sankalp is New India.

narendra modi
आप और हम संकल्प और सिद्धि से न्यू इंडिया बनाएंगे

6- Farewell was given article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir
PM Narendra Modi said that not a single Indian should stay away from development, it is also not acceptable to India. He said that a law article 370 of India, which has been going on for 70 years, has been abolished. PM Narendra Modi said that Article 370 had deprived the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh of development and equal rights. Terrorist and separatist forces were taking advantage of this.

7- Freedom of the country from tax
PM Narendra Modi said that the importance we have given to Welfare is giving as much to Farewell. Modi said that his government has freed the people from the already existing tax junk in the country. On October 2 this year, India will give an open definition to Farewell on Gandhi Jayanti. A farewell is also giving old laws. Farewell is also giving corruption.


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8- 10,000 Government Services Online
PM Narendra Modi said that 10,000 services of state and central government are available online in India today. About 50 lakh people have filed their income tax returns in a day. The tax refund which used to come in 1-2 months, now comes in a pinch. PM Narendra Modi said that in the first 2-3 months a passport was made, now it arrives at home in a week.

narendra modi passport
पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी ने कहा अब यह एक हफ्ते में घर पर आ जाता है. पासपोर्ट

9- Ease of doing business
PM Narendra Modi said that as much as the ease of doing business is important to us, the ease of doing as well. PM Narendra Modi said that if the data is available at the lowest price in the whole world, then that country is India. The cost of one GB data in India today is around 25 cents.

10- Unity in diversity is our heritage
PM Narendra Modi said that unity in diversity is our heritage. Wherever we go, we carry the rites of diversity and democracy. PM Modi said that today we are seeing a new history and a new chemistry being built here. PM Narendra Modi said that NRG’s energy is a witness to the synergy created by India and America. PM Narendra Modi said that 130 crore Indians have this honor.

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